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Acuity has been recognized by our clients, partners, and peers as an industry leader in crafting, executing, and growing a uniquely streamlined and efficient way of doing business, one that is centered on a hub-and-spoke model. Breaking away from more traditional research models burdened with needless costs and limited flexibility, Acuity provides a core team of researchers (the hub) with the flexibility to reach out to a wide variety of quality providers (the spokes). This group of providers is called the Acuity Provider Network (APN).


This innovative model offers many benefits to our clients. It allows research experts to be specialized and focused on generating insights. Our APN partners are selected for various ancillary support elements designed to service the research objectives. This model has demonstrated our ability to keep the cost of research low, and it allows us to pass on to our clients a savings of approximately 20%. Our unique model also provides the greatest flexibility to our clients. We have a broad choice of vendors that we leverage to benefit the research methodology, timing, and budget.

Our growing APN is comprised of many highly skilled individuals and organizations, and it provides a substantial research toolkit for conducting custom market research to meet the needs of our clients. This toolkit includes:


  • Over 25 healthcare-specific moderators who speak multiple languages across key regions in North and South America, EU, APAC, and other emerging markets;

  • Over 40 global sample and fielding providers;

  • An extended fielding and project management team consisting of nearly 75 individuals in 23 countries;

  • An experienced team of senior level analysts with expertise in a wide array of quantitative methodologies;

  • Translators for nearly every language;

  • Transcriptionists who turn around interviews within hours of completion; and

  • Five dedicated teams of programmers and data management specialists.

If you are interested in joining the Acuity Provider Network (APN), please fill out our contact form.

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