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As a full-service, custom market research provider, we specialize in delivering consultative-level qualitative and quantitative solutions for our clients. Our portfolio represents a broad range of expertise in providing insights for brands that span the entire product life cycle in over 25 therapeutic areas and dozens of device and other healthcare product and services offerings.


At Acuity, we pride ourselves on building a solid team of market research professionals that stay with your project from start to finish. The projects that we conduct have many moving parts - the last of which should be the people you partner with. This consistency leads to efficiency which leads to better understanding of your business issues and a better value for your research dollar.    


Quality data collection is a core component of excellent research. Going the extra mile for our clients to gather data from traditionally hard-to-reach respondents and presenting them with a thoughtful research instrument is commonplace for Acuity. Additionally, we use internal data quality checks that serve to eliminate bad data. We pretest every quantitative instrument and monitor your survey while it is fielding to disqualify questionable respondent data found from several quality checkpoints such as speed, variability, and specialized questions designed to identify less accurate responses.


Quantity is not an indication of quality. Acuity refines the data to uncover meaning and insight. Our clients do not have to wade through reports looking for actionable recommendations that drive business objectives. We specialize at breathing life into the numbers and providing penetrating and insightful reports and presentations for our clients.

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